Do the most good with the best brand™


About cloud-2-ground™

Cloud-2-Ground exists to help cause organizations do the most good with best brand. We help causes build, rebuild, refresh, and rethink their brands, and we offer full-service assistance in communications (strategic, crisis, external, internal, executive), brand marketing, digital strategy, strategic planning, staff coaching and team building.

Led by veteran nonprofit communications and brand executive Paul Allvin and his network of independent communications and brand professionals, Cloud-2-Ground brings more than a quarter century of experience stewarding some of America’s most successful and iconic brands to you.

How we help

Your every interaction with Cloud-2-Ground should give you added clarity and a greater command of how to steward and communicate your cause’s brand. Cloud-2-Ground will listen to your needs and concerns, assess your brand, assemble a team of independent professionals customized to your need, and give you effective, common sense solutions.

You will leave us understanding branding better, and possessing both the tools and knowledge to steward and communicate your cause brand with confidence. Your fundraising will improve, and so will your mission delivery.

The goal is not to build your dependency on Cloud-2-Ground, but on yourself and your team.


 vision & mission

Cloud-to-ground strategic clarity is at the core of all great action-oriented causes, because that clarity translates great intentions into great achievements and a better world in which to live. Cloud-2-Ground is driven passionately by:


All cause organizations have what they need to create solutions bigger than the problems they exist to solve.


Cloud-2-Ground helps cause organizations do the most good with the best brand.


Core Beliefs


HOpe Wins

There are no problems in our world that defy solutions. Some are just more elusive, complicated, or expensive than others.

Our best bet

The American nonprofit sector is best positioned ultimately to solve societal problems at scale.


The best nonprofits consciously align everything they do around compelling expressions of (a) core beliefs, (b) a vision for a better world, (c) their mission, and (d) strategic plans.


Healthy nonprofits maintain careful balance and harmony between their mission, brand, development, and operations functions.