This is 2019 – we are not madmen.

By design, Cloud-2-Ground is not a big agency, and it never will be. You get the same seasoned expertise you find in traditional agencies, but you don’t have to pay for fancy offices or foosball tables in creative thinking spaces. Just pay Cloud-2-Ground to think and act on solutions for your problems.

FIRST, We listen and LEARN.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment, Cloud-2-Ground learns where your strategic communications and branding efforts are strong and where they can benefit from focused improvements.

For the times when your needs are obvious and immediate, like crisis communications or help with an event that is right around the corner, Cloud-2-Ground can move quickly and nimbly to help.

get YOUR CUSTOM solution and work TEAM.

Cloud-2-Ground then forms a custom work team of independent professionals, who come together to meet your specific needs. On most occasions you will work solely and directly with Paul Allvin, but when the need arises, a custom team of professionals, specializing in the areas you need, will come together.


That team crafts a solution tailored to you, with clear steps to success and concrete means to define and measure progress.

LIMITing the LOAD.

Cloud-2-Ground takes on a limited number of clients at once to assure that all clients get high-quality, personalized focus on their needs.