Brand development

The first step is all strategy – developing a plan to optimize the performance of your brand. Cloud-2-Ground offers a range of services.


The big kahuna of services is the full rebrand, which Cloud-2-Ground President Paul Allvin can lead, having done so for two iconic, international charities. He can bring your organization through a full rebrand, which typically involves re-working some or all of the following: expression of core beliefs, values, vision, and mission; name and/or logo, and brand identity system; development of campaign brands, sub-brands, or flanker brands; donor audience identification; volunteer profiling; refinement of intended service populations; definition of range of programs delivered; and redesign of brand guides and core marketing, development, and program delivery collateral.

Cloud-2-Ground also offers project management services to keep your rebrand project on track. You may wish to have outside help with rollout planning, conversion timeline development, and training to orient your key staff and stakeholders on your new brand expression.


Most brands needing some form of renewal typically need a brand refresh rather than a full-fledged rebrand. A brand refresh typically involves updating combinations of brand elements, including your core brand language; logo and identity systems; campaign, sub-, or flanker brands; and/or online content.


A brand is not fully effective it is not integrated into mission delivery, development, and administrative operations plans, in such applications as your program outreach materials, your digital and offline development collateral, and your human resources and employee relations materials.

The place to successfully embed your brand essence across business lines is in your strategic plan, which Cloud-2-Ground has deep experience helping to develop.

Cloud-2-Ground also can help you to develop strategic plans for digital engagement, online content development, brand marketing, and crisis communications. (See below.)