Crisis Communication

Inevitably, bad things will happen to even the best of organizations. In hindsight, often what happens has less of an influence on an organization’s reputation than how its leaders chose to react to the crisis.

Calm, disciplined, ethical decisions are critical for any crisis event, and Cloud-2-Ground has extensive experience in crisis management in the nonprofit, government, and higher education arenas.

Risk assessment and crisis Planning

The most important first step in any crisis response is to have a plan created and rehearsed ahead of time. Cloud-2-Ground is well-versed in crafting and practicing crisis scenarios, and helps organizations “fix the leaky roof on a sunny day” rather than during a thunderstorm. Planning includes conducting a risk assessment to determine the biggest and most likely repetitional risks an organization faces, then builds plans to maximize readiness for those threats should they materialize.


Nothing builds confidence for acting a true crisis communications event like practicing scenarios ahead of time, either as table-top exercises or full environmental immersions. Cloud-2-Ground can build and lead practice scenarios to give key leaders the practice and guidance they need under controlled circumstances so that they will be well prepared for actual crisis events.

Live-crisis counsel

When a crisis hits, Cloud-2-Ground can help an organization manage it ably, from the earliest moments of the event through resolution. Often times, a knowledgeable third party is critical in providing clear advice, confirmation, or alternate guidance on how to manage a crisis in action.