LEADERSHIP support and development

When done right, leading people tends to be the most demanding aspect of any executive’s job. Cloud-2-Ground offers a variety of supports to aid in staff development and cultural alignment around your brand, which represents the very soul of your organization:


Brand alignment across business lines is key to getting the most organization-wide benefit from a top-performing brand. But it is not always easy or popular. Outside coaching and encouragement from branding experts can help to demystify and simplify the process of aligning operations to your brand.


Because the actions of everyone in your organization affects your brand identity – from the CMO to the front-desk receptionist to the donor care director to the human resources team – everyone is a brand ambassador. Get impactful and fun training on how to live the essence of your brand no matter what your job is within your organization.


Paul loves to make clear, fun, energetic presentations about the essence of brand management. He presents at board meetings, professional conferences – wherever a group of people wants or needs a clearer understanding of what branding is (and is not!), Cloud-2-Ground offers a light, engaging, informative, and (when appropriate) humorous peek into the world of branding, in presentations that are frequent conference favorites.