Branding is abstract

Most leaders instinctively recognize the need to steward their brand, but do not have the time or patience to learn the dark arts of branding. It is abstract, qualitative by nature, and really difficult to place a solid value on. Rarely do cause leaders have the resources to hire staff with any background in brand stewardship.

Brand consultants typically do not make things much clearer. Too many speak in esoteric code (brand promises, equities, and other vague terminology), and too few can explain clearly what brands are, how to cultivate them, and how they contribute to fundraising and mission delivery.

As a result, too many brands fall short of their full capacity, preventing organizations with such great potential to improve the human conditions from bringing their solutions to full scale.

Bringing clarity

So let’s be clear: Your brand is your whole reputation, not just your name or your logo. It is whatever the public decides it is, based on everything they perceive about your organization.

Your brand is the foundation of every relationship you will maintain to operate your organization. Every donor, sponsor, volunteer, employee, and recipient of your charitable services will engage you based on the strength of your brand.

The brand is your cause’s most critical asset, and it is simply not a responsible option to leave the trajectory of your brand to chance. It must be thoughtfully stewarded.

Whether your organization needs a full brand overhaul, or you need some targeted marketing and communications assistance, Cloud-2-Ground offers a full range of customized solutions to help your organization optimize its brand, development, and mission delivery efforts.